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FreightBoss specializes in providing solutions to your transportation problems. Whether it is the Oil & Gas Industry, Steel producers or manufacturers Frreightboss can simplify your most pressing trucking needs.

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We offer a range of pricing depending on your needs. We have a host of pricing structures to service any account in the most economical way.

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FreightBoss is an employee owned company; consequently, our drivers have more years behind the wheel, better safety scores and more endorsements. Every FreightBoss driver is an owner operator, Tanker, Hazmat, Combo Class A drivers. Soon all our drivers will be HazWopper certified as well. If you have a professional driver need we have a FreightBoss solution.

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  • Supply Chain Evolution: Technology’s Role in the New Digital Supply Network
    This year, it's all about the digital supply network. In this virtual conference, we will define the challenges currently facing supply chain organizations and offer solutions designed to transform linear operations into dynamic, automated networks that offer seamless communication, visibility, and the ability to respond and optimize processes at any given time.
  • FTR’s Gross takes a look at the changing economy
    In his opening comments assessing the economy at last week’s RailTrends conference hosted by Progressive Railroading magazine and independent railroad analyst Tony Hatch, FTR Senior analyst Larry Gross said the economy continues to slog ahead at a relatively tepid pace, coupled with some volatility in terms of overall GDP growth. And amid that slogging, Gross said there is currently an economic hand-off occurring between the industrial sector and the consumer sector.
  • FRA Administrator makes it clear that railroads need to focus on PTC plans, says report
    The objective of Positive Train Control (PTC) systems is to prevent train-to-train collisions, overspeed derailments, and incursions into roadway work limits.
  • Import growth is flat from September to October, reports Panjiva
    The total number of October shipments at 913,543 was flat compared to September, which was consistent with growth patterns in recent years, with 2014 up 2 percent, 2013 up 3 percent, and 2012 down 1 percent.
  • World Shipping Council updates ocean carrier forecast
    Christopher L. Koch., who just retired from a 15-year tenure as president and CEO of the World Shipping Council (WSC), and continues to serve as its senior advisor, is still telling shippers to stay the course.
  • Ocean carrier mega-alliances called into question
    The Global Shippers’ Forum (GSF) says better communication across the whole supply chain is vital to ensure shipper’s needs are not compromised by the container shipping industry’s drive to cut costs through mega-alliances.
  • Reduce Invoice Processing Costs by 80%
    Invoice Automation will eliminate the need for AP staff to physically enter, review, code, and validate supplier invoices.

Client Testimonials

We build telecommunications towers and FreightBoss was the only trucking company that was able to get to the site. They have these special trucks that are unstoppable...They hauled 40,000 pounds up a logging road in Central Pennsylvania in the middle of winter with 6 inches of snow on the ground...these guys are real pros! -

Deb Hatchell  - VP Communications Infrastructure Corp
FreightBoss moved our heavy equipment from job site to job site. They took care of everything...oversize permits, loading and unloading. I would recommend FreightBoss to any company that needs to move earth moving equipment (i.e., excavators, backhoes, dozers etc...)

Genessa Cushman - Coastal Excavators
We have always had a difficult time with trucking companies...FreightBoss is different. They seem more focused on the customer...Jim the owner provided me with forklifts and drivers when we had an FDA inspection...for me service is measured by who comes through when I am in a bind.

Jay Water - Variety Produce
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